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    The Black Mambas are South Africa‘s first all-female anti-poaching unit, chosen by the white and male-dominated conservation authorities. Their fight against poaching challenges the role of women (and men) in their communities and South African society at large. Animal protection makes the protagonists breadwinners at home, empowering them as women within a conservative society. It is challenging for them to promote “environmental patriotism” in neighborhoods struck by poverty and unemployment.


    France, Germany, 2022, 52 min., English, Tsonga, Sepedi with English and Bulgarian subtitles


    Script: Lena Karbe, Tristan Soloma

    Director: Lena Karbe

    Cinematography:  Lena Karbe, Jan Vasak

    Music: Rémi Alexandre

    Production: Karbe film, Day for night


    Director’s Biography:

    Born in St Petersburg, Russia, Lena Karbe is a Germany-based filmmaker. Having studied film internationally (Efcole normale supérieure, University of Oxford and University of Television and Film in Munich), she founded her own production company KARBE FILM GmbH in 2018 with the focus on documentaries for national and international audiences, based in Munich. The mission of Karbe Film’s documentaries is to foster new perspectives and amplify voices and opinions outside the status quo. She has produced several feature films before starting to write and direct.