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    Arena Cinema
    Bulgaria Blvd 8, Smolyan

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    CHILDHOOD 2.0 is a UNICEF documentary produced by NO BLINK Pictures and dedicated to new beginnings. The film presents four human stories of Ukrainian families who sought refuge in Bulgaria after the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

    What challenges do refugee children face in the new environment? What unaccustomed roles and responsibilities do they have to take? Do they and their parents manage to adapt successfully? These are some of the questions that this documentary film raises.


    Bulgaria, 44 min., 2023, Bulgarian with English subtitles


    Script:  Alexander Alexiev, Atanas Hristoskov 

    Director: Atanas Hristoskov 

    Cinematography:  Martin Balkanski, Boyan Dechev, Simona Georgieva, Dragomir Dimchev 

    Production: No Blink Pictures, UNICEF


    Director’s Biography:

    Atanas Hristoskov was born in 1976 in Sofia. His feature debut “N1” (“Number One”) was awarded the Golden Rose Award for Best Bulgarian Feature Film in 2011. His filmography also includes the feature film “18” (2016), the documentary “Just Like The Movies” (2016), and the international production “Axis of Life”, which is expected to premiere at the end of 2023. Atanas is the founder of the platform Estorium (, collecting personal human stories from around the world.