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    This film revolves around the polyandry custom prevalent among the Lama communities living in the mountain region of Nepal. Among Lamas of Humla district of Nepal, there is still a very strange tradition, which may be a matter of great surprise to many. Lama brothers, no matter what in numbers they are, just marry a girl (have a common wife). They not only share their love and work, they also share a wife among them.


    Nepal, 2021, 35 min., Nepali/English with English and Bulgarian subtitles


    Script: Ganesh Panday

    Director: Ganesh Panday

    Cinematography:  Ishwor Koirala, Chandra Man Dongol, Abinash Lama

    Music: Joogle Dongol

    Production: Shine Media Private Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal


    Director’s Biography:

    Ganesh Panday is famed documentary filmmaker of Nepal. His award winning documentary film “Bhagyale Bachekaharu (Nepal Earthquake: Heroes, Survivor and Miracles)” had made significant success both home and abroad winning more than 17 international awards and screened in32 countries including the British Parliament and Wisconsin University, Madison, and City University, NY, USA. This movie was the opening film of the KIMFF and won first prize and public choice award at the festival.