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    Arena Cinema
    Bulgaria Blvd 8, Smolyan

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    We are the models. We hold the pose to be depicted, for our bodies to originate images and works of art. Naked, we outstandingly catch the eye. We freeze to be observed for a long time and to be meticulously examined. And yet, we always vanish.


    France, 2022, 26 min., French with English and Bulgarian subtitles


    Script: Bénédicte Alloing and Ellénore Lemattre

    Directors: Bénédicte Alloing and Ellénore Lemattre

    Cinematography:  Lucie Legros

    Production: Nayra


    Director’s Biography:

    Medusa’s Gaze was Ellénore Lemattre’s first film. She is also an actress, a burlesque performer and a photographer. Among other things, she wrote twice about live modelling: in “Sang Froid” in 2010, and an essay titled “Sur la sellette” in the journal Amer in 2018.

    Bénédicte Alloing directed several documentaries, including “Digue du break”, “Encore debout” and “Eperlecques”. In parallel, she also creates videos for theaters and music venues under the Collectif Digital Vandal.