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    The spirit of a movement that sometimes reminds us of our young revolutionary self, who still believes that he: she could change the world. This green filmed documentary mirrors the global situation and the diversity of climate change related activism. 6 continents, 3 dozen filmmakers, countless activists & seasoned scientists. The topic of climate activism itself as a protagonist takes us on a global journey to activists’ lives. To protect privacy, sensitive topics are woven in as a fictional part. In #1:The Action we get to know the global movement and highlight the history of climate change related activism.


    Bulgaria, 2021, 38 min., ten languages with English subtitles


    Script: Simona Theoharova

    Director: Simona Theoharova

    Cinematography: Dobromir Nikolov, Kliment Hristov (drone), Lisa Muzzulini and others

    Music: Nico Hertel, DonFlo

    Production company: Caravan Fantasia Ltd.


    Director’s Biography:

    1986 As the child of two philosophers, Simona breathes culture and science from the very first moment. Since 2002 she works on projects and education concerning social impact, justice and integration. Her acting career begins on stage in 2004, and since 2012 she stars in films. Diploma in psychology, Germany 2010. 2017/18 production of award-nominated shorts MairiM (prod.&writer) & (L)Only (prod., writer, dir.) with Caravan Fantasia. 2021 tripleF***  is her first miniseries as a director & writer.