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    Germany, 2022, 107’

    Script: Lutz Pehnert.
    Director: Lutz Pehnert.
    Cinematography: Anne Misselwitz, Thomas Lütz.
    Music: Bettina Wegner.
    Production: solo:film GmbH – Susann Schimk.
    Coproduction with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
    Funded by Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur
    Contact: e-mail:

    A biography set in East and West Berlin about the life of a defiant woman who unites the political and the private in the poetry of her song lyrics.

    LUTZ PEHNERT was born in Berlin in 1961. Since 1995 he works as a freelance author and director for TV, specializing in artist portraits and history as well as travel documentaries. In 1996 the film BRAND was presented in the „Forum“section at Berlinale. In 2011, he received the Grimme Award for his multipart documentary DDR AHOI!. His film PARTISAN won the 2nd Panorama Audience award at the 68. Berlin International Film Festival and was preselected in the category “Best Documentary” for the German Film Award in 2019.

    10.07.2022, 19:30
    Regional Library “Nikolay Vranchev”

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