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     2021 Under The Same Sky. Films for people who defy labels / Popular

    Hungary, 2013, 104’

    Director: Eszter Hajdú

    In 2008 and 2009, a group of Hungarian right-wing extremists committed a series
    of attacks on random members of the Roma community. Six people were killed,
    including a five-year-old, and another five were injured. The trial of the four
    suspects lasted two-and-a-half years, and the verdict was passed in August 2013.
    Director Eszter Hajdú filmed the trial and condensed it to create an oppressive
    Kammerspielfilm starring the cold-blooded suspects, an irritable judge, and the
    victims’ families. Without any commentary, Hajdú recorded the drawn-out and
    sometimes chaotic trial from the cramped courtroom’s public gallery. A small
    static camera shows the judge’s point of view, while close-ups highlight the
    emotions of the people touched by the crime. Sometimes we see the protagonists
    outside the courtroom, for example during the reconstruction at the crime scene.
    At the start of the trial, the victims and next of kin assume there will be
    justice, and they have faith that the Hungarian authorities will protect them.
    But will the extremists be found guilty? The widespread anti-Roma sentiment in
    Hungarian society, and the bungling (intentional or otherwise) on the part of
    the police give them reason to fear they will not.” (Quote from IDFA catalogue).

    Screening: 18.09.2021, 18:00h at the Theatre (Small Hall)

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