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     2021 International Short Documentary Film Competition / Popular

    France, 2020, 40’
    Writer: Anne-Lise LePellec
    Directors: Pierrick & Anne-Lise LePellec
    DOP: Pierrick Le Pellec
    Editor: Pierrick Anne-Lise le Pellec and Vincent Prête

    This is the story of a 50kg bird, a dark-haired, green-eyed girl. A
    pianist, singer, composer, sailor…a bird you don’t mess with! It’s
    the story of a piano, a boat, and a mildly crazy dream which tenacity
    and hope allowed to exist. Pianocean is a cry from the heart that tells
    us that it is possible to make our dreams come true, despite the
    crowds that yell at you to give up on these childish things and stop
    dreaming, to take life seriously, and yet… yet, starting from a dream
    in your head, created by the verses of a drunken boat and the legend
    of the ocean pianist, when one is only just 18, until it’s final
    realisation whatever the cost. To face up to doubts and struggles and
    to welcome with open arms and to never, never give up, give yourself
    body and soul and fulfil your dreams, that is “to take
    life seriously”.

    After studying philosophy in the south of France Anne Lise starts traveling on her own for about ten years around the world with a simple camera and a notebook, years after years she built her own personal and poetic geography made out of images and words. In 2013 she helped her best friend, Marieke, the captain and pianist of Pianocean project in her task. Since then she has been the reporter of this incredible project, which sails around the world with a piano on board. She is also a Radiophonic podcaster and a puppeteer in an Occitan (south of france culture) musical project.
    After a master’s degree in Sociology Pierrrick starts traveling around the world for several years, in 2012 he moves to Germany and study cinematography and documentary. He has worked since then in the Bavarian television where he creates artistic documentaries. In 2019 he spends two months filming Pianocean project.

    Screening: 18.09.2021, 14:00h, Theatre (Small Hall)

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