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    The Theater
    Bulgaria Blvd 8, Smolyan

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    In Between is an experimental short documentary telling the story of a young actress and poetess from Bulgarian/Nigerian heritage, exploring her experiences in both countries, using her own poetry as a narrative tool. The film explores themes such as multiple identities, the question of belonging and in betweenness.


    Bulgaria, 2023, 10 min., Bulgarian with Bulgarian subtitles


    Director: Violeta M. Valcheva

    Scriptwriters: Bistra Okereke, Violeta M. Valcheva

    DOP: Rebeka Naydenova

    Music: Thanos Zarkalis

    Production: Slavena Zaykova, Violeta M. Valcheva


    Director’s Biography:

    Violeta M. Valcheva is Barcelona based director, writer, creative producer, and video & sound designer, working with an interdisciplinary approach. As well as filmmaker, she also work in the AI & web3 sphere, as an entrepreneur and creative director. As an artist, Violeta’s body of work varies greatly in scale; she operates across a contrasting range of formats, from aesthetic solos  to group concepts, from dance to theatre, site-specific performances to video and AR installations.