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The Festival

It is exciting to watch the festival films open air in amphitheaters of Smolyan.

Film Program


Workshops, entertainment, concets and streaming of some elements of the events.

Open Air

Rhodope Film Fest revives the forgotten tradition of Cinema under the stars. Emphasizing the beauty of the nature and the connection of documentary cinema with the surrounding world, this format will help us to create a friendly environment, where audiences are able to share their cinematic experience spontaneously. The open-air screenings will provide an easy access for local people and will help foreign visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape. As for the films – they will certainly resonate deep in the hearts of the audience.

The Rhodopes

The ancient home of the mythical poet Orpheus is situated in the south of Bulgaria and spreads its slopes as far as the Aegean Sea. The festival town Smolyan lies at its heart, close to our neighbors Greece and Turkey – the perfect setting for a festival devoted to the common ground between filmmakers in these three countries. The creative, contemporary documentaries emerging from these communities are linked by many themes. A festival bringing them together will reveal how much we share a common world.