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    Arena Cinema
    Bulgaria Blvd 8, Smolyan

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    INNOCENCE tackles the issue of militarization and its impact on the lives of young Israeli people who are forced to serve against their own identity and values. Through a narration based on the haunting diaries of soldiers who died in uniform and rare home video they left behind; the film depicts their inner turmoil. Interweaved together with first-hand training videos and unique filmed life moments; the film shows how children and young people are being tracked and pressured step by step from early childhood into military enrolment and away from their parents. INNOCENCE warns of the social and personal costs of increasing global militarization.


    Denmark, Israel, Finland, Iceland, 2022, 100 min., Hebrew with English and Bulgarian subtitles


    Script: Guy Davidi

    Director: Guy Davidi

    Cinematography:  Avner Shahaf and Guy Davidi

    Music:  Snorri Hallgrímsson

    Production: Danish Documentary, Medalia Productions


    Director’s Biography:

    Guy Davidi (director) born (1978) in Jaffa, Israel. Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Award Winner Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi has been directing, shooting, and editing films since the age of sixteen. His documentaries have been screened in dozens of international film festivals, venues, cinemas, and TV channels. His short films include titles such as IN WORKING PROGRESS (2006), WOMEN DEFYING BARRIERS (2009) and HIGH HOPES (2014) which features music by Pink Floyd.