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    The Theater
    Bulgaria Blvd 8, Smolyan

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    The Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) has extraordinary vocal ability, trilling and carolling a wide range of calls, often together, and often at night. The abstract nature of the video reflects our incomplete understanding of magpie society. As the world heats up around them, as we push the environment closer to total devastation, perhaps we should be listening to what the magpies have to say.


    Australia, 2023, 4 min., English with Bulgarian subtitles


    Director: Ian Gibbins

    Scriptwriter: Ian Gibbins

    DOP: Ian Gibbins

    Music: Ian Gibbins

    Production: Ian Gibbins


    Director’s Biography:

    Ian Gibbins is a widely-published poet, video artist and electronic musician living in South Australia. His award-winning poetry videos, video art and soundscapes have been exhibited to acclaim at festivals, installations, galleries and public art displays around the world. Until he retired in 2014, Ian was an internationally recognised neuroscientist and Professor of Anatomy.