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    Ditcho Petrov 7, Smolyan

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    Flavie is a daring and opinianated 15-year-old teen who, in order to defend her social and environmental beliefs, is ready to practice civil disobedience even at the risk of facing justice. In a discussion with her parents on the consequences of her actions, they will go so far as to confront their respective visions of the future and what actions to take for things to change. A powerful debate between two generations.


    Canada, 2021, 13 min., French with English and Bulgarian subtitles


    Script: David Sanchez

    Director: David Sanchez

    Cinematography:  Nicolas Canniccioni

    Music:  Alex Lefaivre

    Production: Isabelle Corriveau


    Director’s Biography:

    It is by meeting others that David learned, on his own, the principles of sound, image and editing. Camera in hand, he traveled the world for nearly four years documenting his chance encounters and vibrant experiences. After training in documentary film production at L’inis, he now focuses on passing on the tales of those who fight for social justice, thus contributing to society’s evolution in his own way.