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    A German beer bottle, washed ashore on one of Norway’s remotest islands on the Lofoten archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. How did it get here? Did it really come from Germany? Or did a thirsty tourist down the beer and dispose of the bottle in the sea? Passionate about Norway’s unique scenery, film-maker Steffen Krones is keen to get to the bottom of the matter. Are rivers in Central Europe connected to the Arctic Sea? Can waste really travel so far? His personal curiosity turns into a scientific research project.


    Germany, 2022, 94 min., German / English / Norwegian with English and Bulgarian subtitles


    Script: Steffen Krones

    Director: Steffen Krones

    Cinematography:  Steffen Krones

    Production: ravir film


    Director’s Biography:

    Steffen Krones is a German director and filmmaker. After successfully finishing his vocational training as a digital media designer and graduating with a vocational diploma in art and design, he moved to Canada. In collaboration with other filmmakers, he began travelling the world and directed award-winning videos and documentaries. As a freelance filmmaker, he works across all media and genres on TV-, film and internet productions. Apart from commercial and image films, he produces and directs music videos and state of the art hybrid formats.