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Festival Events 2023


The official opening of the Festival took place on July 6, 2023 under the open sky with the screening of the film “Love, Deutsche Marks and Death”. The film told the story of the independent and largely unknown music of immigrants from Turkey and their children and grandchildren in Germany in a very lively way full of rhythm. In the form of a documentary essay, director Cem Kaya takes his viewers into a dazzling universe of musical diversity. In a cinematic experience with the highest sound quality, it brings to life the energy and spirit of those years. After the screening, there was a concert by the band Rosenquarzexpress.


The RIFE 2023 programme includes films on ecology and how to tackle pressing ecological issues. The focus is on feature film “The North drift”, and the short film “Fishing for Litter”. Following the screenings on 7 July at 7pm, we are inviting our audience to join the discussion and get behind active action for change.
Inspired by these cinematic works, we decided to support a cause that would encourage the people to consume more consciously and to pay attention to where they throw away their garbage.
We will clean a certain area in the city of Smolyan on July 8 from 10:00 to 12:30 and we are inviting our public to join us .
Let’s make together our planet a better place to live.


Real, surreal and virtual? How the technological framework changes the discussion about the role of the artist today? In his presentation, Momchil Alexiev talks about the relationship between these three terms, how we can talk about the virtual here and now, and shows examples from his practice in film, theatre and VR/XR.


On 9th July 2023, after the award ceremony, an outdoor concert by the attractive ethno punk & rock band ZhilMore Sextet will take place in the amphitheatre space of the cultural complex of Smolyan, which will mark the official closing of the festival. Formed in the late autumn of 2015, initially as the duo Zhilev – Moravsky, it quickly began to gain momentum in the nightclubs of Sofia. They perform covers of famous heavy metal and green corral bands, Bulgarian folk songs, arranged in a rock version, and their own songs.