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 2021 Andres Veiel Retrospective

Germany, 2004, 108’
Director: Andres Veiel

Four acting students are the focus of Andres Veiel’s long-term observational
documentary. We meet Stephanie, Karina, Constanza and Prodromos while they
are preparing for their acting school auditions. The selection procedure
takes months; it is a trying, nerve-racking time spent vacillating between
hope and anxiety. All four make it into the school, but their initial
euphoria about commencing their studies – including group exercises, role
play and obligatory fencing lessons – is soon followed by deflation in the
face of merciless criticism of even the slightest shortcoming by their
tutors. In this way, their passion for their chosen vocation is constantly
put the test.
The four students couldn’t be more different: Karina appears to have very few
problems; Stephanie, however, must endure several auditions. Constanze
immerses herself in her roles, whilst Prodromos always seems to be at odds
with himself, his roles, and his dreams. Andres Veiel: “We observe the
struggles of the protagonists; how they try not to get stressed out or lose
sight of themselves by worrying about the discrepancy between their
expectations and their abilities. We accompany them on their search for
identity and an image, but we also follow their progress towards maturity as
actors and as individuals. Then, at the end of their studies, comes the real
test: trying to gain a foothold in the profession. Suddenly, they find
themselves faced with a new set of questions. What is the nature of success?
How high is the price for achievement? And what has become of their original
dreams and aims, seven years on?”

Screening: 19.09.2021, 20:45h, Open Air Library

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