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     2021 Panorama / Popular

    Bulgaria, 2013, 62’
    Directors: Nina Pehilovanova and Petya Nakova
    DOP: Dimitar Kostov
    Editing Elitza Uzunova
    Producer: Ivan Tonev

    To be able to live “Like a Bulgarian” in the town, Valeri pays off a large
    credit, which forces his wife to work in Greece. The parents of Dalila are
    also working abroad to spare money for her graduation ball, which is like a
    sumptuous wedding. Svetla (a Bessarabia-Bulgarian from the Ukraine) has
    created a family with a man of Roma origin. The film follows the birth of her
    second child and the first visit of Svetla’s mother from the Ukraine. Emo
    lives in the real ghetto and when he was asked “What is the integration?”, he
    replied “Well, to go to Germany”. Watching, the film follows the events in the
    life of four such persons for a period of one year.

    Nina Pehlivanova: In 2010, she graduated from New Bulgarian University (NBU)
    as film director. In secondary school, she dedicated three years to the
    Bulgarian Youth Red Cross, where she acquired experience in working with
    minorities and social institutions. At the same time, she was a member of
    NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema. Since 2009, she has been
    working as second assistant-director in various Bulgarian feature films. She
    is organizer of film challenges in the informal artistic platform “CineMafia”
    ( She worked several years in the Guests Department
    at the International Sofia Film Fest. She undertook training and fulfilment
    as producer of documentary films. She believes that producers are the “social
    glue”, capable of transforming people into communities. After completing the
    documentary “Roma Quixote”, Nina works in numerous fiction movies as first
    and second AD and develops the international distribution department at
    Concept Studio SLTD.

    Petya Nakova: In 2010, she graduated from New Bulgarian University (NBU) as
    film director. She worked as scriptwriter for a talk show about human rights
    and freedoms, as director of short films, second assistant-director in a TV
    series. She is a freelance author, writing primarily for websites. Her
    articles are published in Kino Review and in the daily newspaper Trud. In
    2012, Iztok-Zapad Publishing House issued her first book entitled “The
    Preacher and the Black Horse”, which is a documentary investigation into the
    life of a protestant pastor during the time of communism. The investigation
    done for the book laid down the basis for the work on the film “Roma

    The film “Roma Quixote” is the first full-length documentary of the two
    authors, but not their first joint work.
    After completing the documentary “Roma Quixote”, Petya started her next
    project, which becomes the documentary “Silent Legacy”, 2021, 61 min,
    coproduced by HBO Europe.

    Screening: 18.09.2021, 20:30h, Arena Cinema

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