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    Arena Cinema
    Bulgaria Blvd 8, Smolyan

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    SURRENDER is a poetic documentary that highlights four of the most captivating Bulgarian male dancers (Krastyo Metodiev, Remi Toin, Nikola Hadjitanev & Svetoslav Seropyan) and lifts the curtain on who they are and why they dance. Combining their original performances with first-person documentary accounts, the film traces each man’s s personal relationship with dance to understand how it interacts with the idea of masculinity in Bulgarian society.


    Bulgaria, 2022, 14 min., Bulgarian with English Subtitles


    Script: Kosta Karakashyan & Alexander Tsekoff

    Director: Kosta Karakashyan

    Cinematography: Alexander Vasilev

    Music: Ace Vaptsarov

    Production: Studio Karakashyan, Man with a Hat Foundation, Grey Universe, Young Artists


    Director’s Biography:

    Kosta Karakashyan is a Bulgarian-Armenian director, producer, choreographer, and writer exploring empathy through movement and storytelling. Bringing his experience of choreography and performance to the screen, Kosta has directed, produced, and choreographed a variety of short films, commercials and music videos through his production company Studio Karakashyan, most notably the documentary dance film WAITING FOR COLOR about the ongoing LGBTQ+ persecution in Chechnya. He is currently working on his upcoming LGBTQ+ short THEY and his feature debut CORRUPTION.