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     2021 Under The Same Sky. Films for people who defy labels / Popular

    Bulgaria, 2013, 54′

    Director: Georgi Stoev – Jacky

    Scriptwriter: Christo Iliev – Charly


    Bobby, a.k.a. the TV set up the first independent Gypsy TV station. He films news reports, weddings and customized programs. This is the Roma neighborhood of Kyustendil, a small town in South-Western Bulgaria. Besides, he wakes up at 5am to deliver all the bread for the neighborhood. Hence, the title of the documentary, Bread And Circuses. It is a film about more than just Bobby, his TV or bread deliveries. Our main character guides us through the suffering, misery and tribulations of the Gypsy community, who still, or rather, yet, persevere and coexist within true joy and happiness. We shall meet a transvestite, getting to know his/her ups and downs. We shall attend the all-Gypsy church choir rehearsals; we shall make acquaintance with a Roma boy, adopted in the US some 20 years ago, who meets his natural mother for the first time. Well, just go on and watch the movie. It shan’t let you down till the end.

    Screening: 20.09.2021, 20:00h, Open Air Library

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