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 2021 International Short Documentary Film Competition

France, 2021, 8’

Scriptwriter and Director: Laure Chichmanov

DOP: Martin Neumann

Editor: Nadège Kintzinger

Producer: Charlotte Vande Vyvre, Francesca Betteni Barnes, Patricia and Georges  Chichmanov


In the heart of the Rhodopes Mountains, the kingdom of Orpheus, hides a small  village with deep-anchored traditions. For decades, it is the women who are  maintaining them, as well as a certain independence…

Laure Chichmanov was born in 1988. Half Bulgarian, she grew up in  Russia and lives now in Paris. She studied political science before  making her way through the cinema industry as an assistant  director and photographer. She is now working as a script-writer  and is developing her own projects as a filmmaker.

Screening: 18.09.2021, 14:00h, Theatre (Small Hall)

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