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    The Library
    Ditcho Petrov 7, Smolyan

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    Jemal is a musician and saz player. He became seriously ill 19 years ago and doctors did say he has a few months to live. His wife Barika began studying remedies and folk medicine, instead of waiting for death to come.


    Bulgaria, 2022, 20 min., Bulgarian with English subtitles


    Script: Vladimir Andonov, Georgi Marinov

    Director: Vladimir Andonov

    DOP: Georgi Marinov

    Music: Jemal Durhan

    Production: Match Frame Studio,


    Director’s Biography:

    My name is Vladimir Andonov from Sofia, Bulgaria. I have degree in Film and TV Arts at New Bulgarian University. I used to finish five short fiction films and documentaries in a couple of years as a script-writer, director and editor which took part in film festivals in Bulgaria. In the last decade I worked on different projects in the field of arts and media. Aşk is my sixth film project.