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    The Library
    Ditcho Petrov 7, Smolyan

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    After the award ceremony and the screening of the film Le Mali 70, an outdoor concert by the attractive band NO MORE MANY MORE will take place in the amphitheatre space of the cultural complex of Smolyan, which will mark the official closing of the festival. 


    NO MORE MANY MORE is a Bulgarian band with an active presence on the independent music scene since 2013. The band’s sound style is an interesting mixture of alternative rock, pop, elements of hip – hop and specific male double voices of singing. They stand out for their socially engaging lyrics in Bulgarian language, as well as for their strong and different civic stance and opinions, which they boldly and provocatively express through their songs. They have four music albums – the debut one – “Po Edin Ili Drug Nachin” /trans. “One Way or Another”/ was released in 2017, the second one– “Ne I Tozi Pat” /trans. “Not This Time, Too”/ released in the difficult quarantine year of 2020, the third one – “Pomogni Mi” /trans. “Help Me”/ in 2022, and the fourth one, called “Edin Ot Tiah” /trans. “One of Them”/, promoted on December 13, 2023. They, Metodi Krastev, Kamen Aleksandrov, Radoslav Gergov, Vladimir Ivanov, Grisha Georgiev and Martin Stoyanov – Martist, are here to reach people without using any shortcuts, because the truth is more important than anything else and to remind us that it is good to repeat to yourself often “Ostani Chovek” /trans. “Stay human”/.




    No More Many More – YouTube