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     2021 International Short Documentary Film Competition / Popular

    Bulgaria, 2020
    Director: Eldora Traykova
    Script: Assen Vladimirov
    DOP: Emil Christov
    Producer: Pro Film, Assen Vladimirov

    The documentary film reveals the last days of a village that will soon be erased from the map. The reason is that it is located in a large lignite coal basin and the deposits of coal under it are necessary for the operation of several thermal power plants on the territory of the industrial energy complex Maritsa-Iztok. What worries and disturbs the few villagers, who have not left their homes yet, how do they envision their future while excavators are destroying their houses? In their answers and confessions, one can sense anger, helplessness, reconciliation, but no hope.

    Eldora Traykova is a documentary filmmaker. She studied at NATFA, Sofia. Her credits include more than 40 documentary films such as Neon Light Tales (1993), Of Men and Bears (1996), Life in a Ghetto (1999), Born with the Century (2000), Dancing Bear Park (2004), Cambridge (2015).

    Screening: 18.09.2021, 16:00h, Arena Cinema

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