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    Austria, 2021, 6’

    Director: Johannes Gierlinger

    Chawani, bashi is a film about the ancient Kurdish city of Hasankeyf, Turkey.
 Edited out of photographs taken in 2010 the film reflects on the disappearance of the city, on light, politics, loss and the grown up children.

    JOHANNES GIERLINGER studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In his work he deals with history, memory, memory and resistance as well as with their forms of representation. He explores readings, doubts and possible future images in the form of essays. His work has been shown at national and international film festivals and institutions, including Visions Du Réel Nyon, Belvedere21 Vienna, Werkleitz Center for Media Art, CPH:DOX, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Dokufest Prizren, Microscope Gallery NY, das weisse haus vienna, Salzburger Kunstverein, mumok cinema, Diagonale Graz. Lives and works in Vienna.

    9.7.2022, 12:30 (shorts)
    Arena cinema

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