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    Germany, Switzerland, 2021, 97’

    Script: Nathalie David.
    Director: Nathalie David.
    Cinematography: Adrian Stähli – Nathalie David.
    Producer: Peter Spoerri.
    Coproducer: Nathalie David.
    Distributor: MissingFILMs.

    Harald Naegeli, born 1939 in Zurich, is the Zurich Sprayer. Convicted of causing criminal damage with his graffiti, he ran away to Germany where he received support from Joseph Beuys. In 1982, Switzerland issued an international arrest warrant against him and he subsequently spent 6 months in prison for his art. In 1984, he moved to Germany where he lived in exile for almost 20 years. He returned to Zurich in 2020 suffering from terminal cancer. During the Covid 19 lockdown, he sprayed more than 50 Dance of Death figures in the city. Today Harald Naegeli is 82 years old. This film is an hommage to a great utopian.

    NATHALIE DAVID studied Fine Art at the Villa Arson in Nice and the HfbK Hamburg. She is a recipient of the Hamburg-Stipend. In 2003/2004 she received a one-year fellowship at the Potsdam- Babelsberg HFF, Berlin. As an artist, she thinks in terms of various media – in particular film. Her works include documentaries on art, radio dramas, photography and drawings.

    8.7.2022, 20:30 (discussion)
    Regional Library “Nikolay Vranchev”

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