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    Canada, 2021,3’

    Script: Vivien Forsans.
    Director: Vivien Forsans.
    Music: Thibault “Kalleos” Dagallier.

    The story of a mother who died four years after giving birth to her only son, a father who raised him through grief and trauma, and a little boy lost in the forest.

    VIVIEN FORSANS is a franco-canadian animation filmmaker based in Montreal. Since 2016, he has directed six short films, which were screened and awarded in over 45 festivals around the world such as the TIFF Next Wave, the Emerging Filmmakers Night or the Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation. His animated film work, colorful and digital, tends to play with both narrative and experimental means, as well as genres and categories of film such as comedy, documentary, drama, and horror.

    9.7.2022, 15:00 (shorts)
    Regional Library “Nikolay Vranchev”

    • Listing ID: 2151