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     2021 International Short Documentary Film Competition / Popular

    Bulgaria, 2021, 15’
    Scriptwriter and Director: Andrey Hristozov
    Editor: Andrey Hristozov
    Producers: Andrey Hristozov, Stefan Dimov, Boris Zafirov

    DOP: Stephan Dimov

    My Stellar Tale is a short documentary about the biggest Planetaruim in Bulgaria.
    A story about the night sky, the transience of Life and the relationship between
    man and machine.

    Andrey Hristozov is a documentary film director, editor and a music composer
    based in Sofia, Bulgaria. His films are social documentaries that are defined
    by their dream-like personal storytelling and the ambient music that accompanies
    the journey of their main subjects. His first film titled Opening was a short
    social documentary about a young and talented chess player who has been brought
    up in poverty and social exclusion. The film deals with race, mental health,
    and institutional oppression. The film premiered in the competition programme
    of Sofia Film Festival and was selected by four additional international film
    festivals. His latest film titled My Stellar Tale is a documentary film
    dedicated to the Smolyan planetarium. The film is a personal love letter to the
    people who educate the public about the starry sky and a warning shot about the
    future of science education in the age of pseudo-science and misinformation.

    Screening:18.09.2021, 14:00h, Theatre (Small Hall)

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