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     2021 International Feature Documentary Film Competition / Popular

    Bulgaria, 2019, 90’

    Director: Borislav Kolev

    DOP: Plamen Gerasimov

    Editing: Miroslav Gaydoshik

    Producer: Projector, Maria Landova

    A documentary about the rock music influence during the fall of the communist regime in Bulgaria during the ’80s. Bands included are: Ahat, Milena and Reviu, Kontrol, Nova Generatsia, Era, Er Malak, Kale, Hipodil.

    Borislav Kolev is a well-known Bulgarian film journalist and critic, with significant experience as screenwriter and script consultant before his directorial debut, the documentary film Stoichkov (2012), turned into an unprecedented box-office phenomenon. His second full-length documentary Salto Mortale (2015) dwells again in the world of sports, while his third film Rock’n’Roll (2019) is dedicated to Bulgarian rock music.

    Screening: 17.09.2021, 18:30h, Chitalishte “Hristo Botev”

    • Listing ID: 996