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    France, 2021, 36’

    Script: Nathalie Giraud & Timothée Corteggiani.
    Director: Nathalie Giraud & Timothée Corteggiani.
    Cinematography: Nathalie Giraud & Timothée Corteggiani.
    Production: Anne Bruneau, Nathalie Giraud, Timothée Corteggiani.

    Pierre Dubois, a famous fantasy author, lives in Cartignies, a village in northern France with his wife, Aline. For a few days, the elderly couple open their door, intimacy, and let the fantastic seep in through their story. They talk about how the power of writing, imagination and a deep connection with life made them go through the loss of their teenage daughter, Melanie, who committed suicide after a heartbreak.

    NATHALIE GIRAUD directed several fiction short films selected in festivals worldwide. “The silent shore“ – co-directed with Timothée Corteggiani and eligible for the 2023 Academy Awards, is her first documentary.
    TIMOTHÉE CORTEGGIANI After studying cinema in Paris, Timothée Corteggiani directed fiction short films, selected in festivals worldwide as well as a documentary, The Silent Shore, with Nathalie Giraud. He’s now working on his first feature film.

    9.7.2022, 12:30
    Arena cinema

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