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    Germany, 2021, 14’

    Director: Robin Trouillet
    Cinematography: Josua Wielandt

    Jürgen Leppert, also known as “Der Dreher” or “der Kreisel” is a graduate engineer, speaker inventor, 360 degree dancer, gifted Frisbee player and thoroughbred 68er. Everything revolves around the Karlsruher legend, and not just on the dance floor. A declaration of love to music, dancing and rebellion. A portrait of a tough person who still swims against the stream and the living proof that 81 years is far from too old for hard raves.

    ROBIN TROUILLET, 27, studies media, art and production in Offenburg. With internships in Hamburg and Munich such as cooperations in several projects he gained his experiences in film. As a filmmaker and director he searches stories and pictures that affect people no matter which genre. Beside his studies he works as a freelancer and is always open for new unconventional ideas.

    9.7.2022, 15:00 (shorts)
    Regional Library “Nikolay Vranchev”

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