Festival Rules and Regulations

1. The second Rhodopе International Documentary Film Fest will be held from 23th to 26th of June 2022 in Smolyan.

2. The program of the first Rhodopе International Film Fest includes the following sections:

– International Documentary Feature Competition

– International Medium Documentary Competition

– International Short Documentary Competition

– Special Events: lectures, workshops

3. Film Submissions are accepted for the following sections:

– International Documentary Feature Competition

– Short Documentary International Competition

– Medium Documentary International Competition

4. Eligibility criteria and duration of films 

– Only films completed between 1 January 2020 and 1 March 2022 are eligible for participation in /at the festival.

– All films must be «Final Cut».

– A submission can be in any language; if it is not in Bulgarian, English subtitles must be included.

5. Films duration per category 

Eligibility criteria for:

Short film International Competition: under 30 minutes

Medium film International Competition: 30 – 60 minutes

Documentary Feature Film Competition:  minimum 60 minutes

6. Submission

Deadline for submissions

Deadline for submissions: 1th of March 2022

The festival director will choose a selection committee.

The Selection committee of three members will choose full-length films for the International Documentary Competition and shorts and medium films for the Short and Medium Documentary Competition.

7. Online submission form is available on the festival’s  home page: www.rife.bg

You can download a submissions form directly HERE.
Complete this and send it to submissions@rife.bg.

8. Submission fee: RIFE is tax-free for film submissions. 

9. Submission procedure

> Read and accept the rules.

> Complete the submission form.

> Submit the form electronically.

10. Film Formats

– For selection purposes: secured online screener/valid at least three months after the submission deadline/.

– Accepted screening formats for the selected films: DCP; Blu-ray and other digital formats.

– Screeners of the selected films for translation in Bulgarian should be sent to the festival before May 1st 2021 together with a text file with the English subtitles. The screening formats should reach the Festival before June 1st 2021.

11. RIFE will cover all costs related to the return of the copies of the films selected for the competition sections in Smolyan to the address given by the producer in case the film does not have another destination. RIFE will cover all the expenses connected with the storage and insurance of the films during the Festival.

As far as loss or damage is concerned during that period of time, the festival’s liability only covers the replacement value of the copy of the film.

12. RIFE invites representative of the films in the International Documentary Competition within two days in Smolyan. All conditions for the festival guests are included in their personal invitations.  Our guest services team will get in touch with each selected filmmaker to provide all the necessary information concerning transportation, accommodation and festival accreditation.

13. Festival Juries and Awards

An international jury of three members will determine the award-winning films in each category.


Grand Prix Award for Best Documentary Feature Film in the International Competition (goes to the director of the film);

Medium Film Award for Best Short Film Competition (goes to the director of the film);

Short Film Award for Best Medium Film Competition (goes to the director of the film);

Audience Award – The Audience will vote for its preferable Competition (goes to the director of the film).

The juries’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

The festival reserves the right to present a selection of films on its online platform after the end of the festival in Bulgaria between the 26th of June and the 10th of July 2022.

14. Accreditation requests will be open from May 15th 2022 until June 15th, 2022.

15. Participation in the RIFE shall presume observation of all articles of the present Regulations.

The festival director has the right to settle all cases and issues not covered by these Regulations.

16. For additional information please check the festival website www.rife.bg or contact us at info@rife.bg


Submission to RIFE constitutes agreement to all rules, regulations and conditions contained in this document and your consent that your film be considered for any awards that may be given at the Festival. Submission also certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained (in accordance with BG copyright laws). Rights holders grant RIFE the right to use up to 3 frames for advertising purposes for the festival. By submitting, you agree not to withdraw your film from RIFE after it has been accepted by the selection board.

We shall inform you about the Covid measures in Bulgaria in June on our website.