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     2021 International Short Documentary Film Competition / Popular

    Serbia, 2019, 27’
    Scriptwriter and Director: Maja Novaković
    DOP: Jasna Prolić
    Editor: Marija Kovačina
    Producer: Maja Novaković, Milan Milosavljević

    In the lush pastoral hills of Eastern Bosnia, two old women
    share solitude. The care they have for each other is not
    composed of words, but rather their daily conduct. They are
    in a conversation with the land, welcoming the voices of
    nature, and the songs of a memory that is dying out.

    Maja Novaković (1987, Srebrenica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina)
    holds a master’s degree in Art History from Faculty of
    Philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia where she is working on PhD
    with registered thesis “Poetics of heritage in the works of
    Sergei Parajanov”. She is researcher at the Centre for
    Museology and Heritology at the same university and works as
    a research assistant at the Mathematical Institute of Serbian
    Academy of Sciences and Arts. Then Comes the Evening is her
    first film.

    Screening: 18.09.2021, 14:00h, Theatre (Small Hall)

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